Welcome to Evolution One Loft Race

We are excited to bring you a new format to One Loft Racing in the United States. The only two season One Loft Race in the Country. You’ll have the opportunity for your birds to compete in a traditional Young Bird Race Series in the Fall, followed by a Yearling Series the next Spring. If your birds complete the Young Bird Series, they can be held over for the Yearling Series. Compete in both Seasons with one entry, or compete in both seasons with separate teams of birds.
Evolution One Loft RaceWe are nearing completion of a new 60 x 8 loft for the race birds. The loft features 7 sections and has grated floors with plenty of perches. The birds will be trained and cared for by Loft Manager Bryan Gines (Hooper Loft). Bryan has been racing in the Ogden Racing Pigeon Club for years and has a reputation for keeping birds in excellent health. Bryan loses very few birds each season. He will be a fantastic man for the job.
The Race Manager is Eric Ellis (Stealth Loft). Eric raced for 3 years with the Wings Club in Salt Lake City and for the previous 9 years, has raced with the Ogden Racing Pigeon Club. Eric is known for his long distance birds and is tough to beat.
The Ogden Racing Pigeon Club is hosting the 2015 AU Convention. We want to put 100% effort into that. When the Convention Race is finished, we’ll be ready to bring you the Evolution One Loft race in 2016. We look forward to having your birds compete against the top birds from around the country on one of the best race courses in pigeon racing.
For information or to reserve perches early, please contact:
Eric Ellis
Bryan Gines

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