Spring is on it way

Well it is finally trying to warm up a little bit and I have been able to get the Yearling ┬ábirds out of the loft and flying. The birds of prey have been leaving them alone [keep your fingers crossed] and they are looking good. ┬áThe yearling schedule is out and posted so you can … Read more

final training

Took the birds out today. They looked and flew well. This well be the last training for this year. I feel they well be ready to go next spring. We got them out 30 miles a few times, the hawks are back and I don’t want to chance loosing any more. Thanks to all The … Read more

Training update

We have been having issues with wincompanion and have been unable to get training on line. We have been taking the birds out and they are doing well. Hopefully we well have everything back on line soon.

Yearling update

I have been taking the yearlings out as much as I can with the weather and other obsticles. It seems that I have a Cooper hawk that thinks he has a meal waithing whenever he feels like it!! He has got 3 birds in the last week. I know I have said I well get … Read more