These birds will be trained hard before the race series and during. All birds will be vaccinated upon arrival.

  1. Live Clocking by Win-Companion
  2. Perch Fee: All perch fees are $150 (perch fees purchased before Jan 1st are $125)
  3. Race Fee: $350 per bird due after the first 115 mile activation race – house takes 10%
  4. Ship birds from June 1st – Ship them before June 15th if you want the 9th and 10th flights pulled
  5. Replacements till May 31st
  6. Perch Fee’s due when birds arrive at the loft
  7. All 5 races included in Average Speed
  8. Eliminator option for the series
  9. Capitol prizes paid on the first drop and then clocking order for the 2 final races. Strict clocking order for all other races.

Races start in September

(2023 Elite Option Entry Fee of an additional $200 per bird)  Increase your chances to win BIG!!! For all you High Rollers! House will take 15% of Elite prizes. Feeling confident in your Breeding this is the option for you!

Main Race Series Payout

  1. 115 mile race
  2. 200 mile race
  3. 250 mile race
  4. 300 mile race 20% of prize money goes to the top 5% of paid entries
  5. 350 mile race 60% of prize money goes to the top 5% of paid entries
  6. Average speed is 20% of prize money to top 8 birds
    Elite Race Series Payout – Final two races 30% for the 300 mile race and 70% for the final race to the top bird.
  7. Ties in the clock will be given the same position number and their winnings added together and divided equally. Average Speed paid by the clock. Computed on Total Distance / Total Time by Win-Companion.
  8. Time Out for Darkness – 30 minutes after sundown and 30 minutes before sunrise is dead time
  9. Birds clocked in TOD before midnight given End time of day 1, Birds clocked after midnight in TOD given start time of the next day. Flight day times will not be extended due to Clocking of bird in TOD
  10. If a bird does not clock, due to piggyback or clock or chip malfunction, and Race manager verifies the bird is in that drop, it will be placed last in that drop.  All birds belong to breeders, no buybacks, no auctions.

The Eliminator (optional)

This year the Eliminator will be more exciting than ever.
This is designed to find the most consistent birds week after week. Who can keep that peak performance as the races get longer.

After the 100 mile qualifier, all birds will be eligible. Just include an extra $50 per bird to activate in the (optional) Eliminator series. Even if you don’t pay that week, your bird will still be eligible the following week if it finishes in the top 50% in the first average speed race. To activate it then you will have to pay $75 dollars.

After the 2nd Average speed race even if you haven’t paid $50 before the first race or $75 before the 2nd race, your bird is still eligible if it finished in the top 50% of the remaining eligible birds and you can activate for it  $100 per bird. After the 3rd race your bird could still be eligible even if you haven’t paid yet, but this will be your last opportunity.

So if your bird or birds has been coming each week in the top 50% of eligible birds, you can now pay $150 to activate it in the Eliminator. If you do not pay by shipping night your bird will be eliminated from the Eliminator! Out of the remaining paid for Eliminator entries, the top 3 birds on the 350 mile race in strict clocking order, will win the Eliminator prizes!

Keep in mind that the earlier you pay the Eliminator entry fee, the less you will have to pay, and you only pay once.

Eliminator Prizes:

  • Gold=50%
  • Silver=30%
  • Bronze= 10%

There will be NO Auctions or Buybacks!

All birds remain the property of the owner unless perch fees or entry fees are not paid. If perch fees or entry fees are not paid, then said birds become the property of Evolution One Loft Race.

Ship Birds to:

Bryan Gines
4150 South 5500 West
Hooper UT, 84315