Race 4

Well guys and gals , we are trying to find a day that we can fly this race! The weather is not cooperating very well. Looking at this week it is not looking good until next weekend. We are not in a rush so we well get it done when we can! Birds are looking … Read more

Race #3

Race 3 well be this Sunday. It well  be from Dell Montana. Weather looks to be good for a race and we are hoping for good returns. Birds look great and have been out a couple of times this week . It has been raining this week with a tornado during the storm! That just … Read more

Evolution Update 08/31

Evolution participants, The activation race is scheduled for the week end of the Sept. 10-11 depending upon weather. After this first race, it will count for Average speed and first leg of the eliminator, entry fees will be due at the completion. $175 for the series and $25 for the eliminator if your birds are … Read more

Welcome to Evolution One Loft Race

We are excited to bring you a new format to One Loft Racing in the United States. The only two season One Loft Race in the Country. You’ll have the opportunity for your birds to compete in a traditional Young Bird Race Series in the Fall, followed by a Yearling Series the next Spring. If … Read more