Starting Over 2024

Race Against The Top Birds In The Nation

We are going back to our roots of one loft racing. We are only paying out on the final race and ace pigeon. Bigger payout on the final. No more spreading the payouts over 4+ races.

Race Information

Evolution One Loft Race is your chance to race against the top birds in the nation! $180,000 payout based on 600 birds activated, 10% goes to the house!

*We recommend that all birds are vaccinated before shipping. All birds will be vaccinated again upon arrival. Please only send birds that are 40 days or older (this increases the likelihood that the bird will stay healthy).*

Loft Manager

Bryan Gines:
(801) 726-9101

Race Manager

Travis Dyson:
(801) 837-3041

Young Bird Race

The Young Bird Race Series will feature 4 Races. The course will be North to South flying from Montana back to Utah. The final event will be a 350 mile race. Birds should be shipped Feb15th through mid-June.

Perch Fees for $125 per bird or 5 birds for $500. There will be traditional payouts for Placements, Average Speed and a Special Eliminator option. Do your birds have what it takes?

Optional $50/Bird Training Sprint Series 75 Miles+

  • Entry due after first 50 mile trainer
  • Top five average speed paid out
  • 15% goes to the house
  • 85% paid out to the top 5 birds

Reserve Your 2024 Perch Fees Now

Plan to send your birds to Utah starting in February 2024 to this exciting One Loft Race. The Evolution Race will feature a traditional Young Bird One Loft Race in the Fall.

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