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Evolution One Loft Race

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Coming in 2017! Your Chance to Race Against the Top Birds in the Nation.
Race Director, Eric Ellis: 801-440-6612 | Loft Manager, Bryan Gines: 801-726-9101

We will be receiving birds after 2/15/2017. Payment is due with arrival of birds. Those with free perch certificates please send with birds!

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Race Information

Plan to send your birds to Utah starting in February 2017 to this exciting Two Season One Loft Race. The Evolution Race will feature a traditional Young Bird One Loft Race in the Fall, followed by a Yearling Race the next Spring. If your birds complete the Young Bird Race Series, they can be held over to compete in the Yearling Race Series. You will also have the opportunity to send a separate team for the Yearling Race Series. Results will be captured live via Wincompanion. Are your birds up for the challenge? Reserve your perches now.

Young Bird Race

The Young Bird Race Series will feature 5 Races. The course will be North to South flying from Montana back to Utah. The final event will be a 350 mile race. Birds should be shipped February through Mid-April. Perch Fees for $100 per bird or $85 for 6 or more. There will be traditional payouts for Placements, Average Speed and a Special Eliminator 0ption. Birds finishing the series have the option of being carried over for the Yearling Series (additional perch fee of $50.00). Do your birds have what it takes?

Yearling Race

Birds should be shipped for the yearling race starting June 1. The 5 Race Yearling Series will be capped off by a final 450 Mile Race. Birds carried through from the Young Bird Series will pay a perch fee of $50.00. All other birds will carry a perch fee of $100 per bird or $85 for 6 or more There will be traditional payouts for Placements, Average Speed and a Special Eliminator option. We hope you will join us for the most exciting pigeon race in the USA.
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